All That Is Ours

All that is ours is not ours;
But in truth it remains
If not, where under the stars
In what mountains or shadowed plains
Is what is ours? None they say;
But sacrifice it is not their way
Nor is mercy; but liberty’s swains
Need neither, so all that can, may.

Love is unknown; love was ever unknown
But in truth it is lost
Spoken of as though had upgrown
The fruit of love without cost;
Hate is not the way, the bereft
Yet say, as often as catch their breath
But none have yet the river crossed
Love’s bond is stronger than death;

All are bound, all remain bound
But in truth some are free
We are distressed for where it is found
Where the escape now may be;
All is a story, fancy or fact
We consider the point too abstract
If your word does not bind, then we may see
No freedom you thought you had lacked;

Few yet may choose, none yet may choose
But in truth everyone must
To go one way is the other to lose
The wind comes gust after gust;
The wise keep every option they can
To gain from what they may plan
But most are carried in sacred trust
And this is the lot of man;

Thus all is ours, and nothing beside
But in truth only for now
To just keep it would be rectified
We do not wish to know how;
Every world, its abysses and towers
The greatest seas and tiniest flowers–
Will return at the time he allows
All that is ours is not ours.


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