The Wind’s Song

 A song.
Sung when the north wind
threatens to do its final work.

LOUD was the sound of the wind in the night
It spoke without words to the sleeping street
On which we dwelt, lay awake without sight
In our bed with a fear which was now so meet
Unwilling to sleep – not an eye was closed
What was the threat – which the wind proposed
Of no words – each sleeper it would greet
And call out to him though doors were closed?

Great things must have moved in worlds far above
To drive that wind like a force in rout
To hear it for us was alone quite enough
To give us deep things to think about;
Wondering then if the house would hold–
Shaken to its core by a wind so bold
As to call every strength into fullest doubt;
The flight! The roar! The howl of the cold!

Though it cleansed the street with a shout
The house stood silently and stout
Its wall stood fast as it had of old–
We understood though we knew not what it told.


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